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markavdb5 wrote in symptomx

The Symptom Exchange ( is a new sort of health site about to open.  We will soon have a need for beta testers to help evaluate the site.  The basic idea of the site is to provide people a safe place to store their health information and leverage any knowledge gained from such data to help others with similar issues.  The key difference with this site as opposed to others is that this site is intended to keep the user anonymous and in full control of their data.

This site allows users to store as much or little as they want about their own health history.  No personal identifying information is required from our users or sought.  The site was specifically built so a user can change both their login ID and password at any time, without loss of data.  Users can choose to link their account to others via a shared ID or not.  Those who choose to share information can then decide what exactly they are comfortable with sharing and with whom.  Should at any point a user decide not to share their information with another person, the information immediately becomes unavailable to the other user. 

Once a user has entered their health experiences and possibly linked to other family member’s information, family history reports may be generated.  These reports provide only health information as oppsed to who it relates to with a goal of helping a doctor narrow down a diagnosis.  This means that aside from relationship and age of diagnosis, no identifying information is listed for anyone who's information is on the report.  If the report is lost, no harm done, it could be for anyone.

Another difference with this site is that it looks to get first hand information.  Many similar sites look for one person to tell all about their family.  The view of this site is that first hand information on an experience provides better information and encourages respect of others privacy.



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