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Who cares? Why even bother? What is the point anyways?
markavdb5 wrote in symptomx

Okay you all got me.  I am just a guy hiding in a programmer suite who is trying to figure out what people would want to make them interested in something most likely could care less about. Stepping out the programmer suit, if you will humor me, it is time to answer a simple question.  Seems some might be wondering for whom and why does this site exist.

This is an easy answer for me.  It exists for you because your human.   Yes that is right; I built this site for YOU to have basic use of for free, because you are human. 

Still not that exciting?  How about considering who diseases or disorders affect?  What language do people who get diseases speak?  What do people with health problems have in common?  Does religion play into who gets diseases?   What about race?  It seems fair to say that nobody has ever lived who did not experience pain, which did not have a disease, disorder or birth defect.  More simply put, the only commonality is that they are human.  So since we are all human we are all likely to share the same basic issues with being human.  In other words we are all likely to experience the same diseases, disorders or defects.

Now for the hard part of the answer which deals with why.  There are so many reasons why from helping out your fellow man, helping your family, saving money, peace of mind and for your own health.  I know it sounds crazy that using a site could do all these things and it is free at a basic level to use.  Without going into economics and supply vs demand principals use of a site like this can save you money.   A recent article by the AP covered a study that proved looking at family history to currently be more accurate than genetic testing.  Many in the medical field have also commented on how important this information is.  So how does this save you money?  If you can avoid having extra medical tests done then you have saved money and maybe helped you’re overall health.   This helps your health because not all medical tests are a simple drawing of blood but instead may involve radioactive dyes or x-rays.  Those x-rays, by the way, were recently listed as increasing your risk of cancer later in life every time you have one. 

We work many hours to earn enough to pay for insurance.  Strange that the benefit of investing a little time logging your health experiences can provide almost as much benefit to you, your family and the rest of us.

The site should open in a few weeks.  We are still working out a few details to make sure we put our best foot forward.  Any comments as to how we could make the site better are always welcome.  As is, unlike any other health site, we leverage data the site collects to benefit our users.  You can search for diseases by symptom description or the diagnosis itself.  The site will even flag issues that your family members have reported.  Later with more advanced services, our users should be able to research diseases by location, race, gender or even age.  Our main goal is to help people educate themselves on their family history and learn what certain health issues are like. Secondary goals include bringing attention to untreated disorders and which drugs are most affective against which diagnosis and others.

For those taking time to read this, we thank you for taking the time you have. 

We would especially like to hear from those who want better tools to research rare diseases than are easily available now.  As always any comments are very welcome.

Thanks again-


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